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Once again, this record keeps on keepin' on!  We finished in the top 50 albums in 2021 and 2022 in the Blues Soul category on the RMR (Roots Music Reports) in Canada and the United States!  No. 22 in the US. We have been charting since April 2020. Additionally, we were No. 1 with three songs on the Radio Guitar One Blues Top 30; SEE THE LIGHT, TELL ME, and (the Freddie King homage) ALBERTA CLIPPER.


This project was recorded at 1979 Studios (Nashville, TN). All post recording (mixing, mastering, and overdubs) were handled at RTR Studio (Louisville, KY) by Steve Catfish Wilson.  Catfish is the real genius behind the recording; painstakingly optimizing what was put to tape! 


Aptly named FRIENDS & FAMILY because of the guest artists we included on the recording.  We brought in former Groove Syndicate member; Ray Warfield (tenor sax / solo tracks 2,4,13), along with local sensation and pal Ryan Stiles (tenor & baritone sax / solo tracks 1,5).  Together with Joe DiGiuseppe they form an ALL sax horn section (the brainchild of Diamond).  We also brought in three of our cousins; Hank (The Hawk) Mowery ( on vocals and harmonica (tracks 3, 11), Joe Litteral on electric and slide guitar (tracks 4, 7, 11) and Nick Mowery ( on guitar (track 10).  All of these folks are "world class" players. And it shows on the recording.  


Additionally, we brought in three of the baddest keyboard players in the Ohio Valley;  Bob Ramsey (mellotron - track 6) who played with us at; BLUES TO BOP 2003, and 2004 in Lugano, Switzerland.  Also, Louisville standouts; Rob Brown (piano) and Ron Wurtele (organ) (track 9).  Coupled with the Groove Syndicate, the results could not have been better!  We are grateful for all of their contributions. 

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