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Our 1st  review from Roots Music Report . . . .

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JIM DIAMOND REVUE has dropped! We received copies for distribution November 11th!

It is NOW available on many, many of the innerwebs fav sites!  Including;  cdBaby. iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, on and on . . .

Grab a copy!  It's rockin!

This recording is a record of firsts for The Groove Syndicate.  The first all original effort, no cover tracks.  The first time they have used an all saxophone horn section, and the first time they have had guest soloists sit in on a project.  Namely our Friends & Family  (Joe Litteral, Nick Mowery, Hank Mowery, and former band mates; Jon (Reese) Pleasant, Bob Ramsey, Ryan Stiles, Ray Warfield,  and special guests; Rob Brown and Rod Wertly).  Consequently, the title of the album (FRIENDS & FAMILY).  This project is like a LIVE show (slightly indulgent). With the majority of the record, we were caught up in the moment resulting in not so radio friendly song lengths!?


Consequently, giving all our soloists a wide berth in the true spirit of the music and composition!  And what great contributions they all made.  Through their playing and interpretation of the songs, they added; diversity, tension, color, soul and texture to those compositions.

Total running time of over seventy-seven (77) minutes!  . . . of foot tapping, hand clapping, finger snapping, swing-blues, jazz-blues, blues-rock and soul-blues!

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Photos at 1979 - Dallas Gilliam

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