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Having played over 2000 shows in five countries; this Award winning (Kentuckianna Blues Society  Best Blues band - 1997), is one of the few Kentucky blues bands to ever play The Chicago Blues Festival (2003) headlining The Best Buy Stage.


Our latest CD (2020) - JIM DIAMOND REVUE (Featuring The Groove Syndicate)  FRIENDS & FAMILY began getting air play in April 2020.  Year end numbers are in for 2021 . . . We finished no.22 on the U.S. RMR  (Roots Music Reports) top 50 Soul Blues Album Charts in 2021!  And, no. 28 on the Canadian charts! 


By September 2022, we were no.7 on the RMR soul blues album charts. Also, three songs made it to No.1 on the RADIO GUITAR ONE top 30 (blues charts), SEE THE LIGHT, TELL ME, and ALBERTA CLIPPER.


Thanks to everyone that made this happen; the band, the players, the producers, RTR Studios, the DJ's, the pod casters, the requestors, the listeners,  friends, family, and special, special thanks to Larry Kay (Night Train PR) who was instrumental in getting this project legit air play!  

NBC/CBS - Marquee Backstage episode 

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