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This CD was recorded at Grapevine Studios (Nashville, TN) in 1997. It has been re-released with new packaging June 2015. This was our 1st CD! This is the CD that would change our lives forever. This features some great sax playing (Brian "Boss" Hogg), and some outstanding organ playing from Jon "Reese" Pleasant. But the coolest thing about this CD is; that during the recording of Seein' Black Beth had her headphones fall of in the middle of the song! But, she continued to play; keeping the song in her head the entire way! That is unreal, and worth the price of the CD just to hear how it turned out! I can tell you, it was bloody perfect! A must for all Groove Syndicate aficionado's!


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  • If this CD is in any way defective, return it to us, we'll send you another NO CHARGE.  You must return defective CD.

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